Where to go

There are always so many fabulous places to go and buy your bits and bobs these days.

I love having a good look around vintage fairs and places such as Molly’s Den. These are where you find those little gems.

Soon enough I will be having a small space in Molly’s in Bournemouth. I will be offering a mix or up cycled items as well as my lovely stocked items.

Sometimes it’s nice to have that one unique piece that no one has and team it up new bits and bobs to create the perfect display.

I will also be over at the “NEW” Christchurch Emporium which is currently being built. It will be like Molly’s but you will find it is more in keeping with some of the more kitsch markets  from London, with in-house artists and designer lane.

I will keep you all posted on my progress and how my displays look.

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