Lets Bake! 

I love a cake! I love a slice or 2! I also love baking. I can zone out, I don’t have to stick to the rules, I can go mad, add a few extra spoonfuls here and there to suit my taste. The best part of the baking for me?  I can never say, there are so many wonderful factors leading up to the cake itself. There’s the part where I get to satisfy my taste buds from the very naughty raw mix taster,  to the final just warm baked delight. Then of course there is the excitement in the preparation.  I’m sure you know it, when you  open the cupboard to immediately put on your apron. Dressed for the occasion you become a new woman, you are Queen of the kitchen.

I retrieve my mixing bowl, grab the spatula, cook book and whisk. Swooning about in my apron feeling like a true goddess of baking,  I can take on the most complex of bakes; because I have an apron. It’s really that simple! Put one on and see how you feel, it instantly makes you feel you are unstoppable and you are a true baker.

As a rough weigh-er of ingredients,  I line up my measuring cups but do not ensure they are exact when I fill, I like rustic bakes without the precision. Homely bakes, like granny makes. I throw the ingredients together that bind in harmony,  then the demon breaks out-  the raw mix finger licker.  We’ve all been there, wanting that childhood memory of when mum let us lick the bowl. It fills a spot, warms your heart and soothes. I hold back till I fill the tins with the delectable batter. Only now is it time to arch over the spatula and make for the kill. I won’t deny I like to bake alone,  I like the remains for myself. “Spoils” or so I call them. My only accomplice in this is my spatula, a good one at that too;  he insures I get every last remain. I melt away reminiscing of times when I was little and had to fight to lick the bowl from my siblings.


I don’t like to remove my apron for a while, it makes me feel content when I make a quick brew and take in the smells. So I sit, enjoy and wait.

When its baked, cooled and the room has filled with its heavenly scent its only then I can consider removing my apron.



Bake away, bake today, bake and indulge and drift away.

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