Spring is just around the corner and the beloved baking starts.

Ive been looking at the popular trend of naked cakes. They are so rustic and fresh looking! Whats not to love about them……..


Boys room ideas

Don’t you hate how the markets is sometimes dominated by ideas for girls and it appears there is a lack of options for our little boys.

My son is a dinosaur fan -even at 9 he is adamant he wants to be a paleontologist and he was researching ideas for his brand new room later in the coming year (around June) . He wants an explorer room with hints of travel and a bit of nostalgia. I must say I am extremely keen on this! He wants a wall mural of the world so he can pin where different species of dinosaurs have been excavated. So there will be vintage trunks as toy boxes/storage, old books and maps and fossil.

I’ve foolishly shown him the delights of Pinterest and he is well away pinning everything and anything on a board I created for him. One little piece I loved though was really easy and had items you can find around the home. We are thinking of creating  something similar but more fossil orientated. Why not give this a go ….

Daniel Duke

I’m a massive fan of all genres of music but I absolutely love the incredible Daniel Duke who appeared on the voice this weekend. He’s singing at my wedding later this year.

Go check out his facebook page or you tube links


I love weddings.

Over the next few months I will be offering wedding prop hire for vintage and shabby chic weddings including vintage suitcases, frame work and table seating ideas. One  lovely  rustic idea I simply adore is to hang small trinket bottles, mini jam jars (like you get from breakfast in hotels) with twine from the tree with flowers or paint with glo-paint so they light up like that fairy tale image every girl wants!


Christmas is coming

Its nearly our annual Gingerbread House Christmas competition. Its gets nasty though, sweets get stolen, hidden and eaten. My competition is my son  aged 8 and my partner who also appears at times to be aged 8 but in adult years much older. My partner always does an architectural style build with modern lines and “poo poos” at my traditional gingerbread house. So I’ve been looking for inspiration for my creations.

If,  like me you do not buy the ready made kits you can make windows using boiled sweets and place them in your windows before the bake, these then melt and then will crystalise- make sure you use a baking sheet for this method. Also to make nice stiff icing use egg yoke rather than water with your icing sugar. If you want to make a little wreath cover a cheerio with icing sugar… There are always plenty of tips online for ideas and tips. Why not make a Frozen inspired house with a little Olaf outside using chocolate fingers and marshmallows .


nutcracker estate54738-Large-Gingerbread-House_zpsaa5da640




With Christmas shopping underway for many of you lovely people why not look at local craft fairs and find unique gifts for friends and family. Quite often these are the gifts most treasured.

Creations for those little folk

With Christmas coming up the rear super fast …………why not get the paints out this weekend and let your little ones get down and dirty finger painting some rather funky Christmas cards for friends and family?

I found this image on pinterest, you could try snowmen too and using a black fine tip pen fill in his arms or even build up lots of green fingers to make a Christmas tree…..

We Have It All: Christmas Crafts for Baby, Toddler and Pre-School Kids

That “C” word

Yes its that time when Halloween has passed and we are finally be free to talk about the “C” word…….CHRISTMAS!!! Im a big fan of this time of year, mulled wine & cider, gingerbread and a seriously fab month of eats!

Charity Starts at Home

Its an  age old saying “charity starts at home” . I support a local charity who support the local community in the County of Dorset. They assist families and individuals struggling with Cancer and the very ugly issues it imposes upon its victims and loved ones. Some very wonderful man – Steve Blonstein has kindly donated a 6 figure sum to the charity after his sister passed from cancer.

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