Welcome To A Tiny Piece Of Me

It started with dog sitting. Yes as odd as this may seem this whole venture started all because I looked after my friend’s dachshund- Baxter and what a delight he was. My love affair for the dear dachshund stemmed into a slight obsession with wanting my very own fur child to go alongside my human child. Fast forward 3-4 years…. With the little spare time I had as a full time mother and office worker, I decided to create a doorstop version of the delightful sausage kind – this would be the closet, or so I believed I would ever get to have a real one. It was also probably the closet I came to being completely and utterly barking mad- even admitting to patting the little doorstops on their heads! (The height of CRAZY). However, I have learnt crazy is a good thing. Friends and family were putting in orders and soon people I didn’t even know wanted a tiny piece of my crazy dachshund world. Then there were cats, ladybirds and other wonderful things I was asked to make and soon other ideas flowed.
Fast forward a little and along came Maxamillion- that’s right I brought a puppy. Knowing I was working from home I knew he wouldn’t be alone and would be a wonderful companion. Dogs are incredible creatures and if you haven’t guessed I am a dog person! I could honestly say it was the right time to get a furry friend. The love of the dachshund started this venture and I felt I owed it to myself to offer a loving home to one. They are incredibly funny and intelligent, obnoxious and headstrong. Any dachshund owner will tell you this and it’s also the very reason we love them so dearly. Sometimes it’s the reason ‘some’ owners end up with a second……. GUILTY!!! A local rescue centre wanted to rehome a 1 year old dachshund and it made sense to offer him a home. Now 2 little dachshunds fill my world with madness and laughter. We are here for such a short time so if something inspires you, embrace it, you never know where it will take you. Journeys are fun, live them and take it all in. Keep making memories and keep being inspired! !