It’s never easy working out ways to best dress your wedding. There are so many themes and ideas on the web that we can get mixed up and confused during the process. With the joys of Pinterest we can make hundreds of pins only to discover a board full of fabulous but unconnected ideas.

Why not try adding a colour board first to see if it fits with your theme ideas as it will help you narrow down your pins. Bright colours are not ideal for a vintage travel theme which is an array of soft sages, turquoise and fawns. If you are going bright try thinking oriental- pom poms, lanterns orchids which come in a gorgeous array of colours. It doesn’t require you to have a oriental dress but it would help if you are having a long demur style dress. Bright colours are often overlooked at weddings but its a celebration. Be bright! Even nostalgic fans of the 70s can be vibrant, many prints from this era are “out there” and bold.

As I’m a pastels person,  my wedding will be rustic, with a vintage twist so think mason jars, hessian, old glass bottles from trees with flowers in. Surprisingly given I like so many themes I have been very firm my decision and have not strayed. I want to execute it well and not have it appear messy.

If you find you are stuck between 2 styles why not see which items you have pinned more frequently. It may help you make that final jump to committing to the theme. Don’t be dismayed when you look at other themes and start having doubts, you can not compare your theme and idea to another as its completely different. The best way to showcase your theme is by your presentation table.

The Delilah Range is a stunning Vintage style which can work well for Travel or for a Romance theme. You can remove the artwork in the frames and replace with old childhood photos of you both and of your family growing up. Even a picture of a map where you met would work for both themes.




If you are thinking more rustic then opt for a more natural picture frame 38a_Frame_MultiWood



Another word of advise is don’t be scared to be different and break away from the “NORM”. It’s your special day and if its not your guests cup of tea so what! It’s not their wedding. Make sure YOU can look back and say it is every part of what you wanted and how you wanted it to be. Enjoy it and get pinnning!