Christmas is coming

Its nearly our annual Gingerbread House Christmas competition. Its gets nasty though, sweets get stolen, hidden and eaten. My competition is my son  aged 8 and my partner who also appears at times to be aged 8 but in adult years much older. My partner always does an architectural style build with modern lines and “poo poos” at my traditional gingerbread house. So I’ve been looking for inspiration for my creations.

If,  like me you do not buy the ready made kits you can make windows using boiled sweets and place them in your windows before the bake, these then melt and then will crystalise- make sure you use a baking sheet for this method. Also to make nice stiff icing use egg yoke rather than water with your icing sugar. If you want to make a little wreath cover a cheerio with icing sugar… There are always plenty of tips online for ideas and tips. Why not make a Frozen inspired house with a little Olaf outside using chocolate fingers and marshmallows .


nutcracker estate54738-Large-Gingerbread-House_zpsaa5da640