With Christmas shopping underway for many of you lovely people why not look at local craft fairs and find unique gifts for friends and family. Quite often these are the gifts most treasured.

Creations for those little folk

With Christmas coming up the rear super fast …………why not get the paints out this weekend and let your little ones get down and dirty finger painting some rather funky Christmas cards for friends and family?

I found this image on pinterest, you could try snowmen too and using a black fine tip pen fill in his arms or even build up lots of green fingers to make a Christmas tree…..

We Have It All: Christmas Crafts for Baby, Toddler and Pre-School Kids

That “C” word

Yes its that time when Halloween has passed and we are finally be free to talk about the “C” word…….CHRISTMAS!!! Im a big fan of this time of year, mulled wine & cider, gingerbread and a seriously fab month of eats!

Charity Starts at Home

Its an  age old saying “charity starts at home” . I support a local charity who support the local community in the County of Dorset. They assist families and individuals struggling with Cancer and the very ugly issues it imposes upon its victims and loved ones. Some very wonderful man – Steve Blonstein has kindly donated a 6 figure sum to the charity after his sister passed from cancer.

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Busy, Busy

Its a busy weekend here, but its never doom and gloom. Tomorrow A Tiny Piece of Me will be at 2 venues trading. You can find me at Port Solent in Portsmouth and the Furlong in Ringwood. Both are gorgeous venues and I will have some Christmas decorations  on offer. Look forward to seeing some familiar faces